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Machine Maintenance


We understand the inconvenience in terms of loss of revenue and negative image when your coffee machines break down.

Our indoor team of expert technicians are trained in repairing all the machines that we sell at Classic Coffee & Beverage with short response time.

We also ensure stock of most standard spare parts for our most popular machines, in order to minimize the breakdown time so you can be back in business with no or minimum loss of revenue !




At Classic Coffee & Beverage we are aware that using our machines or perfecting the art of making a perfect cocktail or Espresso needs time and skills. We will support you with in-house or on-site training whenever necessary to ensure that you get the maximum out of our products and equipment.

Technical training and machine operation are generally provided by our Chief Technicians or Baristas.

Our Mixologist and Baristas can also assist you in developping recipes, training your staff to boost their skills as well as teaching you how to make the best of each flavours and products.

Universita del Caffe della Malesia - Become a Certified by illy Barista !

Since 2010, we have opened in partnership with illy the University of Coffee where you can become a barista, or follow professional courses on latte art or related to the coffee business.

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