Bumbu Bali

In Puchong Bandar Puteri is a hidden gem of Balinese serenity, the Bumbu Bali lifestyle restaurant and café. Lifestyle café, because its owner, Eddy, whishes you to experience your drinks and food, by providing Balinese music, art and culture in a beautifully arranged decorations. Wood as a main note for the interior with an open style cafes, where the relaxing music combined with the discreet fans will transport you to an indolent moment of serenity.


All isn’t in the decoration; you have to try the drinks too. For Eddy “ you have to know your basics”, and from those basics they have created refreshing and interesting drinks, such as the cucumber mojito, with a hint of chili that will surprise you. All ingredients in the drinks are natural, and at the center of all signature drinks, there is the same concern: Natural taste, quality and freshness. Another perfect example would be the well balanced lemongrass mojito: a stick of lemongrass, cracked at the bottom as a stirrer, it will infuse in your drinks and keep the flavor subtle yet present. As an additional flavour, some yuzu and lime, without forgetting mint of course. Basic and fresh ingredients with an additional kick!


Eddy adds that when you know your basics, then you can play with the flavors, and do some fusion recipes. At Bumbu Bali, keep your mind open for some other combination, like the avocado cream and the illy espresso coffee, they will intrigue you. It might sound unusual but all that matter is taste. For Eddy, when they designed the drink menu, it is to complement a meal, with a selection of very refreshing combination. To make you experience your drinks even more, all details are carefully thought through. For example, Eddy introduced the coconut latte: of course the latte in itself contains coconut syrup. But it is from the combination of the traditional coconut candies, which you have to alternatively eat between two sips, that come the surprise. Not only the latte has a subtle flavor, but it will enhance and complement the coconut candies by providing a long mouthfeel.


This careful search of balance and taste can be experienced throughout the entire menu, whether it is from the careful prepared ice cream in the traditional Balinese banana desserts or in the other available dishes.


More information on bumbu bali on their website: www.balibistro.com


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