Sprezzatura Cafe

Recently opened in Phileo Damansara I, Petaling Jaya, is Sprezzatura Cafe, where the baristas will lure you into trying their home roasted single origin coffees. In the beginning, the Badri brothers, Mirwan, Mukhlis and Mirdzuan just wanted to open a coffee roaster. We are indeed lucky this family and passionate friends’ run initiative, have decided to open a café along. At the entrance you can choose to sit in cozy tables to chat with your friends, or you can venture to the back of the café, where a small outside terrace is waiting for you! Don’t forget to check on your way out the Probat roasting machine and the stock of fresh beans in the temperature controlled room, so that you know what you might be drinking the next week!

When asked, the head barista Luqman explained that after roasting, coffee takes about 1 to 2 weeks to rest before they can be served to customers, and that each batch has its own unique taste.

With so many different coffee profiles, no wonder they choose a LaMarzocco Strada, indeed the very first one in Malaysia! This machine enables a customized extraction profile to be created by the barista using a pressure control paddle that can be adjusted at any time during the extraction. Syafiq Ramlan one of Sprezzatura barista explains, that they really enjoy the consistency of the machine and its user friendliness. For each batch of freshly roasted coffee, they will test and find the right pressure and extraction time to always serve their customer the best coffee. Once found, it is saved as a custom profile in the machine and then can be easily re-used until the batch is finished!

Don’t forget to check out their sweet treats too, they are all homemade by one of their friend. Soon you will even be able to buy their home roasted coffee beans for yourself and bring it home. Sprezzatura is a relaxing place where office people from the area can take a break and enjoy a great cup of coffee! It is for the moment only open on weekdays.


For more information visit their facebook: sprezzaturacoffee

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